what should I wear for my photo session

As a photographer, I get asked this all the time. What should we wear for our shoot? The first thing I say is to make sure you are ‘you’ in whatever it is you decide to put on. If you pick out this fabulous outfit and you would actually never wear it in public, that awkwardness will translate into the photos. I’m not saying don’t step out and glam it up , but you might want to rethink the platform shoes if we are hiking through the woods Lady Gaga!

Another thing I recommend is to coordinate outfits, but don’t be too matchy- matchy. I love seeing the small complimenting colours and patterns that pull from each other.

For a family shoot , you can accessorize the smaller details to tie everyone together. From scarves , hats or fun rubber boots, to a bow tie ( I heart a bow tie) or a colorful blanket. Whatever bursts of imagination and colour come to mind, but try to keep it classic to extend the life of your photos.

For engagement sessions it can be fun, but not necessary, to change clothes when we change locations.  It gives you not only a variety in environment but it mixes up the look and feel of the session.

Incorporate your personality. Don’t be afraid to speak up and give your creative input for a shoot. If there is a prop or accessory that you’d like to have in some shots, say something, or better yet just bring it.

At the end of the day, please don’t stress about it. If you are not sure then throw on some jeans and rock those awesome boots you got for Christmas. Get that sweater on that makes your eyes pop and BAM, good to go. Just have fun, be relaxed and maybe a little daring. Don’t decline a picture idea because your jeans might get wet, it’s always the most compromising positions that make the best photos.

The most important thing you can bring to a shoot is your personality because that’s what will really make your photos the best they can be!!