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some highlights from 2017

Can’t even believe it’s time to say ‘so long’ to 2017. It has been a very busy year and the best year I’ve had since I started ‘the lounge’ 7 years ago!! Every year has seen growth for me both personally and professionally and I will continue to do what I love, and keep learning as long as I possibly can. For me, capturing the emotion and love is everything! The connections i make with people are everything! The smiles I put on those faces when they see their photos is everything!! Thank you is all i can say ! Thank you for letting me be there for all of it. I am genuinely thrilled to be experiencing all of it with you, walking with you , catching the moments as we go!! As I close the books on 2017, I  feel bittersweet that the year is over, but get so excited knowing new fun  lies ahead in 2018 and beyond! I look forward to seeing you,  meeting you, being with you, crying and laughing with you all…one shot at a time. A few highlights from the year….. xx Kel


behind the scenes 2017

Thought it would be fun to show a few behind the scenes from the year! A ginormous  thank you to my amazing ladies who roll with me for my weddings. Melanie, Katelyn and Cathy you are the best!! Thank you for capturing these moments of me in my zone and doing what I love to do!! I never realized how much I lay on the ground, anything for the shot lol ( I am the most unphotogenic person and am horrible at taking selfies but Im pushing myself to get in there more) Enjoy 🙂